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About Happy Meat Farms

Happy Meat Farms was founded in 1998 when Ramona Bynes inherited a plot of land in Florida. Being an animal lover her whole life, she was always disgusted by the mistreatment and animal cruelty in the food industry. Ramona made it her life's mission to create a farm that gave animals the best quality of life, and to spread that farm into a world wide phenomenon.

It wasn't an easy journey competing with name brand farms, and in 2014 Happy Meat Farms nearly went bankrupt. It wasn't until Ramona found a new partner that things turned around. Happy Meat Farms expanded in a new innovative direction, becoming the company you know and love today.
Our Company

Our company puts people before anything. Every decision we make is for the good of our employees and livestock. That's why HMF incorporated has expanded beyond just farming and opened the door to work with other companies.


Safety is our number one priority, both for our employees and the animals raised here. Every employee that operates our equipment will be trained by professionals. Health insurance is provided for all employees in the company.

Animal Treatment

While some farms will keep their animals in tight, unlivable spaces, we give our animals plenty of open spaces outdoors to roam and explore. All of our livestock are 100% organic, using no genetic modification or growth supplements. We believe the best meat comes straight from nature.

HMF Entertainment

A media branch of our company called HMF Entertainment was formed in 2018 to create commercials, funny videos, animated kids shows, movies, and more! We've given artists around the world their first chance to make it in the business.

Happy Meat Farms incorporated is a for profit organization in partnership with Healthy Community copyright 2023.

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